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Whether you’ve stumbled across this blog, or you’re a regular reader, thanks for stopping by!

Average Joes is a sports talk blog created by a bunch of college buddies that all believe they could anchor on ESPN®. Most of us have been arguing with each other for well over a decade about all things sports, from NFL football to jersey designs to disc golf. We don’t agree on much, but finally we did agree that it was time to take our obvious expertise cyber global. So here we are! Feel free to learn a little more about the Joes by clicking on the bios located on the right. We’re all very different and bring a variety of viewpoints to most subjects.

We hope you enjoy reading. Bookmark this blog or add it to your blogroll; and tell your friends about us as we’ll be updating often. Most importantly, comment, comment, comment. Stir shit up! We welcome your opinions and will gladly take the opportunity to prove you wrong.

😉 – the Average Joes


Football Junkies

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Another Football League to get excited about. Wonder if Directv can add this to the Sunday ticket.


Really Roger?

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On Mike and Mike on ESPN radio Roger Clemens said common sense would tell you that he wouldn’t take steroids because his family has a history of heart trouble.  His brother had a heart attack in his late 40’s and his STEP-dad (YES I SAID STEP) died of a heart attack.  HEY ROGER  YOU DON’T INHERIT YOUR STEPDADS GENES!  Roger can’t even get a prepared statement by his new PR firm right.

Mark Martin to drive full time in 2010

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Mark Martin recently annouced he will be driving full time for Hendricks Motorsports in the #5 in 2010.  This will put Martin at age 51 and racing a full NASCAR schedule.  This isn’t too suprising since Mark has always been a gym rat (yes I used gym rat in racing not basketball) even before it was popular.  In NASCAR’s history, even into the early 90’s, the drivers were just good ole boys with Beer Bellies (i.e. Jimmy Spencer, Harry Gant, and the famous Dick Trickle). Today’s drivers, excluding Tony ” Butt-Smoke” Stewart, are all in great shape.  Although it doesn’t suprise a NASCAR fan that Mark Martin will be driving next year, imagine other guys at 51 like Lawrence Taylor still sacking QB’s or Earvin “Magic” Johnson still dropping dimes in their respective sports.  I for one growing up a Mark Martin fan since driving the Folger’s #6 will be glad to see Mark in action at least one more year.Mark Martin Tribute

Caps Will Win! (Put your money on Pittsburgh…)

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The Caps came back from a 2-game hole in their first series, but this ain’t the Rangers. I don’t like their chances tonight in Pittsburgh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still optimistic and until the fat lady sings, I’ll expect ’em to win, but the Pens are just playin’ better hockey right now. Clicky Click Here Fo Mo!

Stephen Curry New Career….

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So I suppose if Curry’s career in the NBA as a 3 point bomber doesn’t take off, he can always fall back to his hip hop career. I am at  a loss for words other than damn it must be boring at Davidson U, I would have expected some hotter girls in the video too….

Old News: Brett Favre May Not Retire…

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So Brett Favre is considering NOT retiring….AGAIN…Why? Why is he doin’ this? I mean, it must be nice livin’ in Mississippi where obviously there’s a bubble over the entire state that shields reclusive, Wrangler Jeans-wearin’ farmers from reality….What? No? It doesn’t cover the entire state? Oh, ok. So, just Brett Favre’s farm. Gotcha. Clicky Click Here Fo Mo!

Releasing Fantasy Rankings…Like a Boss

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Fantasy Football Geeks (including myself here) rejoice and sing Hallelujah fantasy season has arrived! Matthew Berry aka “The Talented Mr. Roto” recently released and updated Top 200 including this years rookies. A few highlights jump out at me. Micheal Turner leads the top 200 at #1. Great year last year but Turner just doesn’t strike me as a #1 Pick. Matt Forte at #3? You have to be kidding me. The first rookie on the board is Chris “Beanie” Wells at #67. After “Beanie” there are several more rookies in his top 200. I dont agree with having rookies over a lot of the more veteran guys. A lot of the rookies he has are at receiver. Typically the only position rookies succeed in their first year in the NFL at is Running Back and that is scarce. Finally, League sources report Kevin Boss sending a text message to Shockey, after landing at #162 on the list with Shockey no where to be found, letting him know that he will be scoring TD’s like a Boss and catching passes like a Boss.