Ovechkin Vs. Crosby (Game 2)

I mean, Caps vs. Pens. There’s no “I” in team, right? WTF-ever! Arguably the NHL’s two best players and the series draws put on an absolute show tonight, both gettin’ hat tricks in a 4-3 victory for the Caps.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe hockey is as much a team sport as any. Seriously, I do, but these two just dominated scorin’ 6 of the 7 total goals in the game. If your viewpoint is that these two offset each other then the Caps’ Dave Steckel had arguably the game changin’ goal in the second. Guess it was lucky for the Caps he stepped up, right? </sarcasm>

Look darlin’, Sidney Crosby. The most talented hockey player since Wayne Gretskey, they say. What do you think, darlin’? Should I hate ’em??? Crosby is a player I’d normally like; a player I’d normally pull for. He’s graceful on the ice and moves like a point guard with great handle. He knows the game, creates mismatches and seems to always be in position for rebounds. These are all attributes I can respect. But, there’s somethin’ about him. Somethin’ around the eyes that reminds me….of a crybaby that plays for Pittsburgh…No, now I’m sure of it…I hate ’em. One of the highlights of the night was when a cameraman zeroed in on a sign in the crowd that said: “I whine less than Crosby” held by a baby sittin’ in the lap of a Caps fan.

Ovechkin represents the opposite end of the spectrum from Crosby. He’s the type of player I’d normally hate. He’s raw power on the ice blastin’ everyone he gets a chance to hit. He’s wild, borderin’ on out of control at times, and when he doesn’t successfully make an unbelievable move, he often turns the puck over. He takes an obscene amount of shots from almost anywhere on the ice. Shots that inexplicably like to find the net for him, but rarely would for other players, and when they don’t, they tend to rebound favorably for his teammates. He’s flashy and openly celebrates his success driving the home crowd bananas. All these Stephon Marbury-like qualities havta drive Ovechkin haters insane, but for some reason I fuckin’ LOVE it!

Caps are up 2-0 on Pittsburgh. Tarheels are still national champs. Life is good. How much more can I hype this series up, people? Pick a side, catch the next game and join in the conversation!


3 Responses to “Ovechkin Vs. Crosby (Game 2)”

  1. Does anyone here give a shit about hockey? And why is Cory writing about it? He goes from drinking cold beer, playing sports games and watching real sports to some yuppy asshole who drinks his beer at room temp, plays shooters and writes about hockey. I want the old Cory back.

  2. Dude, we all want the old Cory back. The old Cory was, ironically, much younger. He was single, much thinner, and had way more hair on his head. He never went to class, ate whatever the fuck he wanted, and could party 5-7 days a week without missin’ a beat. But, don’t hate me for writin’ about hockey. I’ll write about anything with a scorin’ system and hockey is the macarena right this second. Not to mention I’m catchin’ shit from a guy that made a “sport” outta throwin’ tennis balls at a cardboard cutout of Pamela Anderson! And, if drinkin’ beer that doesn’t taste like urine makes me a yuppy, well, then give me a sweater vest. At least I still GO BY the name Cory, Ben!!! 😉

  3. hendy3 Says:

    At least my name is actually PART OF MY NAME!

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