Stephen Curry New Career….

So I suppose if Curry’s career in the NBA as a 3 point bomber doesn’t take off, he can always fall back to his hip hop career. I am at  a loss for words other than damn it must be boring at Davidson U, I would have expected some hotter girls in the video too….


4 Responses to “Stephen Curry New Career….”

  1. Dude, why didn’t we do this in college??? We coulda got Scott Harley or Marcus Crandall or Larry Shannon and dropped some mad rhymes about Mendenhall or the Spot.

    I loved the mash pot, steak and cheese at the spot, the girls were so hot…
    Yeah, Todd was mo chill, but it was on the hill, we went to Mendenhell…
    You couldn’t eat it all, ran back to Garrett Hall, blew up the bathroom stalls…

    We totally coulda had the most hits on youtube…

  2. Home from the Rec center,
    Boy meets World and then the Spot for dinner
    The steak and cheese dont make me any thinner
    In a rap off bitch, I am the clear winner

    Down to La Vista, the party is on
    Wanna head to the Elbow but that shit is gone
    Where we gonna go to find some chicks that bone?
    It’s the Cellar and it’s rocking to the break of dawn.

  3. went sleddin’ on “the hill”
    our mattress took a spill
    we smacked a tree at full blast
    and almost were killed

    una soda por favor
    we’re headin’ out the door
    eat your tums and slam your beer
    we’ll leave at ‘levin fifty-four

    stumble back from downtown
    i turned ’cause i heard a sound
    chan puked some fuckin’ red shit
    that shit stained the ground

    climbed out of the window
    T-Rose smoked some endo
    jay danced the fuckin’ puffy
    but mr. floppy stole the show

    drunk for a 7-day streak
    don’t knock the technique
    hadda trashcan fulla PJ
    in the closet for a week

    one night i was trashed
    at a delta sig bash
    danced with this hot chick
    that had nice tits and ass

    bragged to all my bros
    they laughed, i didn’t know
    i thought this chick was into me
    but she was fingerin’ other hoes

    wha-wha-what??? keep it goin’….

  4. headin out to Andy’s at the Plaza Mall
    then home to beat some ass in some wiffle ball
    Go get some Southpaw and drink with all a y’all
    then Cory will be naked in the bathroom stall

    Then belly bangs a chick down at the museum
    And DG’s got a kid, but nobody has seen him
    Tonight Far too Jones opens for Athenaeum
    Then we’ll play some Goldeneye and get killed by Tim

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