Caps Will Win! (Put your money on Pittsburgh…)

The Caps came back from a 2-game hole in their first series, but this ain’t the Rangers. I don’t like their chances tonight in Pittsburgh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still optimistic and until the fat lady sings, I’ll expect ’em to win, but the Pens are just playin’ better hockey right now.

They’ve been dominant at home, and the difference has been on defense. Pittsburgh has been swarmin’ the puck while Washington seems to sit back hopin’ to get into passing lanes or collect rebounds offa blocked shots. (This is when they’re not deflectin’ the puck into their own net in OT, of course). There’s a much more lax feel on defense when Pittsburgh is tryin’ to score than when Washington is workin’ their ass off for even a bad look at the goal.

The result has been far more shots on goal for the Pens, and the Caps are livin’ and dyin’ offa Ovie’s 45ft.+ wrist shots. Combined with careless passin’ in the neutral zone, Pittsburgh’s dominant play against the Caps at home, and a suddenly less than super-human Varlamov, I’d say put your money on the Pens to close out the series tonight.

Thank God I’m not a bettin’ man ’cause, like I said, I’m still optimistic….when the Caps pull the mild upset tonight, expect ’em to win the series in seven when they “Rock the Red” back home on Wednesday!


4 Responses to “Caps Will Win! (Put your money on Pittsburgh…)”

  1. bigtimebelly Says:

    Hell of a game. I’m looking forward to game 7. More importantly I am looking forward to the Cane’s taking out the B’s tonight in game 6 at the RBC center in Raleigh

  2. Yeah, I love the emotional rollercoaster of playoff hockey! Momentum, games, entire series can change in an instant! Caps overcame a tonna demons last night. First time they’ve won a playoff overtime game, first time they staved off elimination against the Pens, showed they could finally beat Fleury at home, and showed they could win without Ovie scorin’ a goal. Shoulda went with my gut! Caps are gonna win in 7!!! (hope no one took my bettin’ advice! that’s why I don’t bet on sports!!!)

    And yeah, I’m pullin’ for the Canes to pull it out as well. That’s gonna be a fun series if the Caps also win on Wednesday! Two tough, tough places to play!

  3. Ugh, I hope the Canes win just so people in Boston will shut the fuck up. It’s like, you haven’t cared about this God damn team all year, don’t act like you give a shit now.

  4. I’m surprised Bostonians haven’t been followin’ this team. #1 seed and all. They looked very strong last night…I’m a little worried about the canes goin’ back to bean town.

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