Mark Martin to drive full time in 2010

Mark Martin recently annouced he will be driving full time for Hendricks Motorsports in the #5 in 2010.  This will put Martin at age 51 and racing a full NASCAR schedule.  This isn’t too suprising since Mark has always been a gym rat (yes I used gym rat in racing not basketball) even before it was popular.  In NASCAR’s history, even into the early 90’s, the drivers were just good ole boys with Beer Bellies (i.e. Jimmy Spencer, Harry Gant, and the famous Dick Trickle). Today’s drivers, excluding Tony ” Butt-Smoke” Stewart, are all in great shape.  Although it doesn’t suprise a NASCAR fan that Mark Martin will be driving next year, imagine other guys at 51 like Lawrence Taylor still sacking QB’s or Earvin “Magic” Johnson still dropping dimes in their respective sports.  I for one growing up a Mark Martin fan since driving the Folger’s #6 will be glad to see Mark in action at least one more year.Mark Martin Tribute


One Response to “Mark Martin to drive full time in 2010”

  1. I hear some “athletes” can play shuffleboard and bocce ball deep into their 50’s as well. 😉

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