Really Roger?

On Mike and Mike on ESPN radio Roger Clemens said common sense would tell you that he wouldn’t take steroids because his family has a history of heart trouble.  His brother had a heart attack in his late 40’s and his STEP-dad (YES I SAID STEP) died of a heart attack.  HEY ROGER  YOU DON’T INHERIT YOUR STEPDADS GENES!  Roger can’t even get a prepared statement by his new PR firm right.


2 Responses to “Really Roger?”

  1. ROFL! Evidently, you can catch heart disease and steroids like you can the swine flu. Maybe Roger should wear a hospital mask to his interviews from now on…

  2. pirate1028 Says:

    Classic Roger, it wasn’t me it was the one armed man. Ridiculous, about as bad as Manny using woman’s hormones for a “personal problem”.

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