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Caps Will Win! (Put your money on Pittsburgh…)

Posted in Hockey with tags , , , , , , , , on May 11, 2009 by codog

The Caps came back from a 2-game hole in their first series, but this ain’t the Rangers. I don’t like their chances tonight in Pittsburgh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still optimistic and until the fat lady sings, I’ll expect ’em to win, but the Pens are just playin’ better hockey right now. Clicky Click Here Fo Mo!


Ovechkin Vs. Crosby (Game 2)

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I mean, Caps vs. Pens. There’s no “I” in team, right? WTF-ever! Arguably the NHL’s two best players and the series draws put on an absolute show tonight, both gettin’ hat tricks in a 4-3 victory for the Caps.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe hockey is as much a team sport as any. Seriously, I do, but these two just dominated scorin’ 6 of the 7 total goals in the game. If your viewpoint is that these two offset each other then the Caps’ Dave Steckel had arguably the game changin’ goal in the second. Guess it was lucky for the Caps he stepped up, right? </sarcasm> Clicky Click Here Fo Mo!

Caps take 1-0 Series Lead on Pens

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Yessir, believe it or not, I’m writin’ about hockey! I just caught game 1 of the Washington vs. Pittsburgh NHL semifinal playoff series, and wow what a game! Very exciting from start to finish.

The hype goin’ into the series was on Ovechkin vs. Crosby and they didn’t disappoint early. Crosby gets the first goal of the series with a sweet move across the middle and against the grain; and Ovechkin got an easy tie breakin’ power play goal later on in the first. Clicky Click Here Fo Mo & A Video!!!

Welcome to Average Joes Sports Talk

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Whether you’ve stumbled across this blog, or you’re a regular reader, thanks for stopping by!

Average Joes is a sports talk blog created by a bunch of college buddies that all believe they could anchor on ESPN®. Most of us have been arguing with each other for well over a decade about all things sports, from NFL football to jersey designs to disc golf. We don’t agree on much, but finally we did agree that it was time to take our obvious expertise cyber global. So here we are! Feel free to learn a little more about the Joes by clicking on the bios located on the right. We’re all very different and bring a variety of viewpoints to most subjects.

We hope you enjoy reading. Bookmark this blog or add it to your blogroll; and tell your friends about us as we’ll be updating often. Most importantly, comment, comment, comment. Stir shit up! We welcome your opinions and will gladly take the opportunity to prove you wrong.

😉 – the Average Joes