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Old News: Brett Favre May Not Retire…

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So Brett Favre is considering NOT retiring….AGAIN…Why? Why is he doin’ this? I mean, it must be nice livin’ in Mississippi where obviously there’s a bubble over the entire state that shields reclusive, Wrangler Jeans-wearin’ farmers from reality….What? No? It doesn’t cover the entire state? Oh, ok. So, just Brett Favre’s farm. Gotcha. Clicky Click Here Fo Mo!


Sanchez Love Justified……

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Being a Browns fan I was pumped with the events that transpired when Cleveland went on the Clock with the #5 pick. Getting 3 solid players, an additional 2nd round pick for a trade down that eventually yielded what I hope is a center that will anchor the line with Joe Thomas for the next 10 years.

However, what I am perplexed by is the love given by seemingly every sports talk show toward Mark Sanchez. I give the guy his due, he had a stellar junior campaign throwing for 3200 yards 34 touchdowns and who can forget the man handling of Penn State in the Rose Bowl (414 yards 4 tds) which capped his college career when he decided to forgo his senior season.

When I sit back and analyze this, it is propably one of the weakest QB class to enter the NFL in quite some time.  Matt Stafford is battle tested playing in the SEC, Josh Freeman was a 3 year starter at KSU who plays stiff competition on a regular basis, after that there was a steep drop off.  USC is probably one, if not the top NFL talent producers in the country in terms of NFL ready players even though they play in the PAC 10 conference.  What Ican’t get over is how Sanchez was a 1 year starter, failing to beat out John David Booty for 2 seasons prior to his junior season. When Sanchez announced he was going pro, Coach Carroll didn’t even give him a ringing endorsement which normally he is never shy to push his players to the NFL when ready.

Just this morning on SportsCenter they made a comment about how Stafford was texting Matt Ryan for advice while Mark was already showing off his leadership skills while working in the lobby of the hotel with some tryout players on the playbook the night before practice.  If I was Stafford this would surely be fueling my desire to prove who the best QB in the class is.

I just keep thinking this could this be another Jet draft day miss. Thoughts????

Welcome to Average Joes Sports Talk

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Whether you’ve stumbled across this blog, or you’re a regular reader, thanks for stopping by!

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